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The Pits | Paperback | Orange Cover

The Pits | Paperback | Orange Cover


This cover of the book was only available for the Kickstarter, but I've got a few left! Aside from the cover, the rest of the book is the same.


Learn more about the book here.



No one goes into the Pits.

No one understands the magic of the Pits.

For those who try, there are consequences.


When Clarabella's girlfriend Emilia goes missing Clarabella tracks down the only person who can help: her outlaw older sibling Royal, who she hasn’t seen in three years.

Royal knows more about the strange magic of the world than anyone, more than they should. Magic Clarabella doesn’t believe in. Not until the path to find Emilia leads deep into the mysterious and magical Pits that stretch along the spine of the continent, forcing her to rethink everything she ever believed. But once Clarabella, Royal, and Royal's gang enter they discover Royal can no longer leave. Now Clarabella has to choose who she loves enough to save: Royal, or Emilia?

Only 3 left in stock

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