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    Camp Daze

Conifer was raised to handle any apocalypse. Except this one.

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Camp Daze

Camp Daze: Book 1

#Adult, #Colorado, #Apocalypse, #Contemporary, #Summer Camp, #Girls Camp, #Queer, #Isolation, #Nuclear War,

With summer winding down, the counselors at Camp Aspen Heart are counting the days until they go home to their own beds after weeks of songs and campouts and budding friendships. But a missing food delivery after the start of one of the last sessions sets off alarms in the isolated camp. With no easy way to contact the outside world Conifer, a survivalist who grew up going to the camp every summer before becoming a counselor herself, heads out to try and find out what is going on, only to be confronted with the unthinkable: a nuclear war has started, and they’ve been forgotten. 

Conifer was raised to survive the end of the world. Any end of the world. Except this one, alone in the woods with over a hundred-fifty kids to save and only a handful of other young counselors to help her.

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