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        Lie Down in the Ashes

A wildfire is not something you can hide from, and this is one you can't outrun.

Lie Down in the Ashes Sample Cover.jpg

Lie Down in the Ashes

#YA, #Colorado, #Contemporary, #Queer, #Wildfire, #Natural Disaster, #Climate Change, #Epistolary Novel,

Five teens set out for one last weekend of camping before school starts, expecting to spend a couple nights drinking and hanging out. But it all goes wrong in an instant when a fire blows up around them, sending three of them on the run of their lives.

One teen goes to work at the local mine, only to steal a water truck in a desperate bid to save those trapped by the fire.

Represented by Sara Megibow of KT Literary.

*This cover is unofficial and was created as a portfolio piece.

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