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Poison in the Blood | Ebook

Poison in the Blood | Ebook


Adult fantasy adventure book. This is an epub copy of the book that can be imported to any device that supports epubs.


The book is roughly 100,000 words.




Over a century ago the Plagues began and vampires emerged from the shadows of myth with an offered solution: trust them, give them control, and they’d help put a stop to the chaos. But even now, so long after, there are still those who don’t agree with the new system.

Dustin Lockwood would give anything to find his little sister ten years after she was kidnapped while their family fled a dangerous coven that wanted them dead, or worse.
Shae Lockwood, living it up in London as a rare human actress, would give anything not to be found.

Their family has been in hiding for over ten years from the coven where the Lockwood parents used to be famous and beloved actors. If the world finds out where they are, the fallout for the family could be catastrophic. But whose secrets and lies are the ones putting everyone in danger?

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