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How to do the Art Thing

HTDTAT is a snarky little booklet about being an artist. Every artist out there as heard the same things over and over: "I can only draw stick figures! I could never draw. I wish I could draw like you!" And. Look. We know you mean well. But. We hear those same phrases so much. So, so much. They are our version of the "if it doesn't scan it must be free!" nonsense that gets lobbed at retail workers.

I couldn't help but poke some fun at this, by creating a little book that has the answers to every single common query artists get.


You sure?

It's literally just the word "PRACTICE" over and over again in the middle of every page. And, like, five general tips. But mostly it's the word "PRACTICE."

Currently unavailable for purchase, but going into a second printing soon! Check back here for more info, or join my newsletter!

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